Windows PC Support

Absolute Mac Solutions - Windows PC Support is based upon years of experience starting from early Kaypro and IBM PC's running CP/M & MS DOS.


Fluent with all things Microsoft & PC, Absolute Mac Solutions can provide technical support in any area from the very latest Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP, 98, 95 or 3.11 in any situation or predicament.


Our List for Windows PC Technical Support includes:

*Set Up & Install

*Transfer of PC data to PC or Mac

*Networking (stand alone, mixed, corporate, small business, or home networks)

*Anti Virus Detection & Removal

*Redundancy, Backup Solutions, RAID Arrays.

*Server Maintenance & Upkeep

*Software Installs & Updates

*Hardware Repairs & Replacements (out of warranty models)

*Disaster Recovery

*Remote Assistance

*Plus much more....


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